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Concept Engineering

In all projects the goal should be to find solutions fulfilling basic functional requirements at the lowest life cycle cost. Many opportunities to increase overall cost efficiency and enhance system performance can be identified by teaming up with VSV at an early stage of the project. With its rich and varied experience of setting up pharmaceutical facilities, VSV can help you in conceptualizing your dream project.

During the initial planning stage various questions come up like:

  • How to design the right layout meeting requirements of men / material movement and at the same time ensure maximum utilization of usually scarce space?
  • What should be the correct environmental cleanliness class, which is acceptable?
  • How to design an air handling system meeting the requirements of room cleanliness classification and environmental protection?
  • What should be the quality of water used?
  • What should be the ideal water treatment method?

VSV can assist you in a number of ways to answer all these and many more questions.
Apart from our experience from previous installations, we have some unique resources at our disposal like our constant interaction with International Consultants and Regulatory Authorities in addition to various Industrial Associations. The typical approach will be to first gather functional requirements of the proposed facility which includes production process together with the required level of automation, dosage forms, batch sizes, containment needs, type of equipment and machinery, inventory norms, expansion philosophy, etc.

Based on the above data VSV will develop:

  • Preliminary layouts for facilities
  • Size Process Equipment and outline basic specifications
  • Define Environmental classification and Pressure Differential concepts

VSV's objective is to recommend the most cost effective solution meeting regulatory norms and customer expectations.

Design & Engineering

The design and engineering shall follow sequential steps of Basic and Detailed Engineering.

Basic Engineering

vsv can develop basic engineering designs customized to your functional and location requirements and recommend cost-effective solutions meeting regulatory norms.

During BASIC ENGINEERING the following definitions of the project will be developed:

  • Alternative plant layouts meeting GMP requirements
  • Men/material flow drawings on the approved layout
  • Conceptual design paper on Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Pressure Differential system with proposed Air Flow Diagram
  • Conceptual design paper on treatment, purification, filtration and distribution of various utility systems like Water, Steam, Compressed Air, Gases, Solvents, etc.
  • Estimate requirements of various utilities
  • Develop P&IDs for Process and Utilities
  • Conceptual design for ETP and Fire fighting Systems

Detailed Engineering

Using GEP (Good Engineering Practice) to achieve GMP.

Detailed Engineering is the essential bridge between the basic engineering and construction phase of a project. It is “converting dreams into reality”.
Efficient detailed engineering is vital for having a control on the cost of the project and faster commissioning and validation.
Detailed Engineering involves close coordination and synchronization among various disciplines of engineering, in an interactive and progressive manner. Our detailed engineering helps the end user to set up a GMP compliant facility in the least possible time and at the right cost.
Having worked for both large and medium sized Indian and International Clients we are well versed with all national and international standards.

VSV can provide detailed engineering services for the following disciplines:

  • Architectural
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Process Engineering including selection of the right equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Piping Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Instrumentation
  • Building Management and Automation Systems
  • Effluent Treatment System Design
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Laboratory Furniture Layout and Design
  • Warehouse racking system